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Bingham Press Media Ltd. is an independent Media Service based in Henley-on-Thames. The Bingham Family were given a Global right via various Emperors, Monarchs, Rulers & Regimes since the time of Bingham Castle & Binghams Melcombe Dorset circ 7th Century to grant and administer Governing Patents, Directorships, Licences for all types of agent works, contracts etc. and our current incumbent under the articles of incorporation is to publish, broadcast, programmes [inter alia] via the internet and other instruments in order to deal with spontaneous news within the new Era of the World Wide Web.


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A damned brave new world out there so be brave and/or be…!!!???


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One of our other interests is in purchasing the rights to out of print books which we feel deserve to be in print once more. Please feel free to email us with any suggestions.

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The Robert Bingham Dynasty Pen America Fellowship for writers and Bingham McCutchen Solicitors global @ bingham.com.


Bingham Press Ltd was originally set up because of the Civil War in Northern Ireland and we will elucidate re this terrible predicament at a later stage.

The will of Nicholas Peter Val Fleming which was only referred to in the Claimants unlawful injunction and not filed as a complete Exhibit A. The Claimants never provided us with a copy of the will throughout the proceedings. And it is clear via the copy of the will that we have finally obtained that Lucy Williams Fleming is not the heir to the Nettlebed Estate and the BBC et others were wrong to listen to this false status in 2005. Serious investigations ongoing …



Click the image below to see the full copy of the will:



Click below to see the disgraceful Oxford Court summary:






Bingham Press Ltd can reveal staggering information about solicitors

Click link below to see results of MET Police investigation against Byrne & Partners:

Byrne & Partners Solicitors, London EC1M 4NN

Nicola Boulton Solicitor of Byrne & Partners – photo for ID purposes 2017



Dr E Collett, Director of The Bell Surgery, Henley-on-Thames, photo for ID purposes 2017






Comfort Jegede – photo for ID purposes 2017




Dr Philip Unwin, Managing Director and Secretary of The Bell and The Hart Surgeries Henley-on-Thames – photo for ID purposes 2017

Richard Reed – photo for ID purposes 2017


Gordon Cope, now hiding out in Canada but his Thames Moment book is a reliable record relative to the acts that were committed against Victor Bingham and Rosemary MacKenzie

Gordon Cope, now hiding out in Canada but his Thames Moment book is a reliable record relative to the acts that were committed against Victor Bingham and Rosemary MacKenzie.


Major Bingham of Bingham Castle ..

Lucan vs Bond, Reading County Court 2016…


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Read more about The Charge of the Light Brigade at Gareth Glover Collection.

The Bullingdon Club. More to come…….



New for 2010 latest revelations and EXPOSÉ Fleming family keeps bad Bond under wraps…

The Nettlebed and District Commons 1906 Act of Parliament uncovered by Bingham Press LTD and do please read and see where the Fleming Family gave it all away via Royal Assent etc…