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Forth Coming for 2012: A French Dossier

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

A French dossier is an expose against a grand French developer ET agent which cause countless of fair game foreigners to waste their time and money etc.

This dossier is at an Interpol and ECHR Strasbourg french court so Bingham Press Ltd and other media museums have to wait for a green light from the authorities before going to publication or broadcast at an international stage. This dossier deals with inter alia with the theft of common lands in conservation areas by families who pretend it is theirs and then said same families ET agents sell the property on to developers who subsequently sell it on to fair game foreigners thus conning them out of collective fortunes.

Nemo dat quod non habet: [No one can give away or sell what he/she does not own] ET under the treaty of Rome this maxim still remains so why then one asks does the relevant domestic state move into enforcement proceedings against the innocent victims and purchasers for full value apres the development ET agents have gone off with the money?

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