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Thomas Lynsey Statement

Updated: Mar 16

Thomas Lynsey, shown in the photo on the right... Had a police car stop and ask him if he would like a lift to Belmullet... The policemen in the car were Garda Faherty and Garda Reynolds... Inspector Tony McMara, at the old Belmullet station, said get a statement from...

Garda Peter Timlin had set up a supergrass called Michael Lavelle Junior, Binghamstown on behalf of Sara and Gus Daly...Lynsey and another were told to be at a pub via Michael Lavelle, where Augustine Daly, carried out a state-sponsored shooting..

Faherty was on duty to receive the details of the shooting and Michael Lavelle, and Richard Lavelle were sent to London to grass on Sein Fein members..Easy money when set up by Garda Timlin... John Joe, Lavelle was paid to deny he witnessed the shooting...

Story continues...

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