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Bingham Press Ltd welcomes the opportunity to discuss new publishing ideas. If you would like to submit work to us, a few guidelines are set out below: 


Please submit as either sample chapters, a summary or a complete manuscript, preferably typed on single-sided A4 paper, double line spaced with good margins, and each page clearly numbered. This will enable our editorial team to assess the script as quickly and efficiently as possible.


For non-fiction, an outline of the idea/area is usually adequate initially. Please follow the same layout as fiction (single-sided A4, double line spacing, good margins, page numbers).

In each case please include a covering letter along with your full name (and any pseudonym you may wish to publish under), contact address, telephone number and e-mail if appropriate.

If you would like your manuscript returned please include a stamped addressed return envelope/label.

All scripts/ideas are treated with complete confidentiality and will not be shown elsewhere without your prior permission.