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Dr Andrew Riddoch - Poundbury Doctors Surgery

Allegation: Medical negligence allegation is, should Dr Andrew Riddoch, primary Dr of Lynda Bingham, allowed Mrs Bingham to have the back surgery in the first instance?

After the negligent operation performed by surgeon Mr Andrew Hilton, Dr Riddoch allowed Mrs Bingham to be treated at the Dorchester hospital where she had to attend via accident and emergency over 20 times during a period of 3 years before she was finally referred to Bath Hospital where they diagnosed her condition.

Bingham Press Media Ltd allegation is that Dr Riddoch conspired with Mr Andrew Hilton, surgeon, and others in order to defeat the civil statute of limitations whereby in so doing this would stop his patient Mrs Lynda Bingham from suing the Winterbourne Hospital and Mr Andrew Hilton. But the British legal system, in cases like this work under the law of knowledge so Mrs Bingham was not made aware of her chronic condition until she was diagnosed by 3 surgeons at Bath hospital, Mr Rev, Mr Mackenzie Ros and Mr Gerry Coughlan.

Mrs Bingham has made several complaints about the mistreatment of her person by her GP and others and after getting no satisfaction whatsoever she has had to leave the Poundbury Doctors Surgery and continue her complaint via the GMC - General Medical Council and the Royal College of Surgeons. The GMC have involved HMRC as they are finding it difficult to find some of the Dr's registrations at the surgery in question. This is like when a complaint is made about a solicitor to the law society, then the first thing the law society does is to check the solicitor's tax point in order to identify the lawyer.

Interestingly enough one lawyer has compared the NHS to the older legal aid system, whereby under Margaret Thatcher Government for instance nearly all the solicitors depended on legal aid and then when they pigged out on the free legal aid money they all went private. And our comparison is that Dr Riddoch and all the Dr's implicated in this story now think they are private Dr's and no longer act like public servants. The taxpayer via the NHS pours millions of pounds into the likes of the dual Dr's surgery system like the ones in Henley-on-Thames and Poundbury. And the principal Dr's then turn into Multi-millionaires. And are no longer ethical or conscientious practitioners anymore but instead they have turned into money-grabbing businessmen by way of the luxury surgeries that we the taxpayers have provided for them. Dr Andrew Riddoch has a property called Hunter cottage in Frampton that is worth over £850,000! Our company has tried to get tax returns for the Poundbury Dr's surgery and its partner surgery as run by Dr Chris Milner but there are no records to be found?

The Government had to stop legal aid from going out of control but how will the Government make the NHS accountable like the current Legal Aid system?

The NHS is throwing money into a bottomless pit and the Dr's, Surgeons and others are swimming around in it like pigs in a swimming pool full of slurry...

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