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Dr Sandy Terris

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Dr Sandy Terris of Henley-on-Thames Dr's Surgery has moved his millions to Portugal along with the daughter and the nephew of the late Tony Lane MBE. Mr Lane has left the Anthony Charles Lane Foundation and it is now being cared for by 2 complex lady solicitors in Marlow.

Mr Lane fell foul of HMRC some years ago involving hundreds of thousands therefore he had to place all his dodgy millions into a trust. He was the 4 times Mayor of Henley-on-Thames and he tricked people out of countless properties and hundreds of serious complaints were made about Mr Lane to the Henley Stanard newspaper amongst others, but his partner in the trickery was one Mr John Luker, a judge and the owner of the newspaper in a dyer conflict of interest.

Tony Lane bullied and blackmailed lots of people in Henley and not one authority did anything about it...

Bingham Press Ltd has photographs on our files of the notorious gun-runner whilst he was working for the ministry of defence, one Gordan Foxley. Foxley and others were imprisoned for over 50 years for undercutting MOD contracts by selling British Arms to foreign countries whilst they were working for the British Government. Also in the photographs, as taken in the town hall in Henley-on-Thames is the actor Simon Williams and his wife Lucy Flemming before they were married. The Mayor of Henley Tony Lane advised Bingham Press Ltd that both Simon Williams and Nigel Havers the actor came to him in his office and asked, who were the most desirable and wealthy young ladies in the community that were still single?


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