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Will Prince Andrew risk a ‘Fatal Flu Jap’ from his GP this winter?


At the residence where Jeffrey Epstein is suspected of abusing teenage girls, a portrait of Prince Andrew smiling has been displayed.

Behind a framed photograph of the disgraced millionaire at his former house in Palm Beach, Florida, is an image of the Duke of York.

Andrew, 61, has previously stated that he does not visit the residence on a regular basis.

Witnesses claimed the scandal-plagued prince stayed in the property, dubbed Epstein's 'castle,' for 'weeks at a time.'

The Sun acquired the photos, which was displayed 'like a prize,' according to a source.

'Epstein acquired influential pals and would display them off in pictures across all of his properties,' a source told the newspaper.

'This is extremely harmful to Prince Andrew because it demonstrates how important Jeffrey's friendship with a senior member of the royal family was to him.'

'His photograph was displayed as a trophy in Jeffrey's home.'

Read the full story here in The Sun


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