Forth Coming For 2012: A French Dossier

A French dossier is an expose against a grand French developer ET agents which causes countless of fair game foreigners to waste their time and money etc.

This dossier is at an interpol and echr strasbourg french court so Bingham Press Ltd and other media museums have to wait for a green light from the authorities before going to publication or broadcast at an international stage.

This dossier deals with inter alia with the theft of common lands in conservation areas by families who pretend it is theirs and then said same families ET agents sell the property on to developers who subsequently sell it on to fair game foreigners thus conning them out of collective fortunes.

Nemo dat quod non habet: [No one can give away or sell what he/she does not own] ET under the treaty of Rome this maxim still remains so why then one asks does the relevant domestic state move in to enforcement proceedings against the innocent victims and purchasers for full value apres the development ET agents have gone off with the money?


First Title - 2009

Shot In The Back & Stabbed By The State

Eire Easter 1982 A.D. Binghamstown
DPP v Augustine Daly Exposé


Buried Alive By

(Better Off Dead) - extra title
ISBN: 0-9542301-7-5

Child Porn Judge Cleared Abuse Expert

Major General His Honour Judge Selwood The one time megalomaniac resident judge for the Portsmouth circuit. This despotic tinpot dictator ruled at will without the system intervening until his bent and corrupt ways became totally unacceptable. Bingham Press Ltd have applied to the Oxford Dictionary in order to try and have a new word created. "Selwoodian" - Corrupt behaviour in a position of trust. Any Government Official, especially a member of the judiciary who is open to bribes etc.


Prisoner Of War No. 487

ISBN: 1-904538-01-0The autobiography of a young territorial Army Officer in World War II

Second Title - 2009




The Noose Around the Wrong Neck

ISBN: 0-9542301-8-3

Bingham Press Ltd will be publishing a book titled "The Noose Around the Wrong Neck", this will deal with an expose of Captain Willy Cranstoun, Royal Marines and his true role in the murder. Like the charge of the Light Brigade, in those days similar to Lord Lucan's regiment known as 'Bingham's Dandies' for their expensive and peacock-like dress sense. (Dressed up for a ball, not for a battle, military personnel like Cranstoun hid behind draconian military courts and procedures and Miss Blandy was thrown to the civil mob of rabble rousers).

Bingham Press Ltd. referred to the case of
Mary Blandy.
St. Mary the Virgin
Hart Street

to the Criminal Cases Review Commission to seek a posthumous pardon for Mary Blandy and to sum it up, it was a cry from the heart, from beyond the grave (cri de Coeur). The local newspaper The Henley Standard and others are backing this appeal; indeed the newspaper has carried an article recently reporting the apparent sighting in a Henley hotel of her troubled spirit.

On 6th April, 1752 Mary Blandy, aged 32, was hanged for the parricide of her father…

After the trial, Mary had seemed distant, cold. It was generally agreed that old Mr Blandy had never mistreated Mary. The murderess herself admitted that she was well loved and cared for. And yet, she had poisoned the old man. Why?

Mary Blandy became infamous. Malicious stories about her were sold on street corners. It was said that she indulged in riotous living even while imprisoned awaiting trial. But few people knew the truth about Mary Blandy. As they walked her to the gallows, Mary’s head was full of remembered ecstasy and tragic disappointment such as her accusers could never imagine…

Mr. Horace Walpole commented: “Miss Blandy died with a coolness of courage that is astounding, and denying the fact which has made a kind of party in her favour. As though a woman who would not stick at parricide would scruple a lie!” ‘Memory Lane’ will also contain chapters relative to the sad case of Mary Blandy.

The Blandy case is per se analogous to the Bentley case when, finally in 1998, after disgraceful delays from the State, Derek William Bentley was pardoned. Although the Criminal Cases Review Commission could not have saved him from the infamous Albert Pierrepoint, justice on this earth at last reached an end.

The presiding judge in charge of the Bentley appeal was Lord Chief Justice Thomas Bingham of Cornhill and he took an unprecedented approach to the case whereby he criticised and condemned Lord Chief Justice Goddard for wearing the executioner’s cap long before the trial commenced. In essence, they demanded a hanging so they got a hanging and this is very similar to the case of Mary Blandy.

About your commons (Bond V Lucan)

ISBN: 0-9542301-9-1
This 1906 Act of Parliament has been concealed in Oxford County Library for almost 100 years. The Bond V Lucan case has now bought it to light and it affects everyone.
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Memory Lane

Tony Lane

An Autobiographical history of Henley-on-Thames and South Oxfordshire from 1932. The author Tony Lane has been mayor of Henley four times.

Memory Lane is a living history of Henley from 1932. The author combines a wealth of historical information about the town and its inhabitants with personal anecdotes as he revisits the character, culture and locations within this prominent Oxfordshire town and its environs. His varied experiences give vivid personal resonance to many historical events.

Of Bright and Dark

Christopher Lawrence

Christopher's first foray into literature is a fictional play about Lord Byron. It is a savage new comedy of wit, games and sexual intrigue, delivered with a wit redolent of Stoppard.

The play was first performed at a small venue in London during the summer of 2002 to great acclaim and is currently looking to be staged at a larger venue in 2004.

Sun Dance

Charlie Rogers

Charlie's first novel draws on her passion for, and knowledge of, Native American culture. When Georgia Hamilton meets 'the perfect man' life is turned upside down - in more ways than one…!

It is a fast moving story interwoven with lots of interesting snippets on American Indian rituals.

The Big Wheel

Bruce Thomas

The Big Wheel is the first of Bruce Thomas's two accounts of life on the road as the bass player with Elvis Costello and the Attractions.

Well-known for his definitive biography of Bruce Lee (Fighting Spirit), Bruce Thomas once again shows his ability to make you feel you are right there with him. Shortlisted for the Ralph J. Gleason prize for music writing.

Other recent titles handled include: On the Road Again by Bruce Thomas; and Caught! by Dorrien Belson.

Scorpio Rising

Rosie Orr

Rosie Orr's first novel, a romantic comedy set in Oxford, has delighted readers with its black humour and perceptive take on modern romance. With her literary beginnings as a poet (anthologised in the Virago Book of Love Poetry and a P.E.N anthology) she has taken to full length fiction with skill and ease.