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BBC Princess Diana cover-up ‘worse than the crime’ | Evening Standard

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The BBC is now The BBB = a Big Bubble Bursting...

(1) let the Government call a referendum re the BBC licence fee...

2 Questions:

(1) Should the TV Licence fee be abolished?

(2) Should the TV Licence fee be decriminalised?

Optional question;

Should the BBC be there to protect and preserve our Royal Family and not allowed to cosy up to the Royals and then repeatedly stab them in the back etc?

This is a dire situation where the BBC et agents have become more powerful and corrupted than the Governments in question...

The public can vote a corrupt Government out of office but we cannot vote the monstrous BBC et Agents out of office...And we the public; have been forced to pay for this dire Cancer ridden beast called; The British Broadcasting Corporation; subject to being questioned in our houses and hauled before the Courts if we fail to comply with the anachronism attaching to the same...KGB same as BBC etc...

Boris Johnson knows fine well that the powerfully corrupted BBC et agents can whip up a storm that would remove anyone from office, etc, so; this has to stop; as the BBC has not been elected via any democratic process...It exists by forcing money out of the public...The irony of ironies within a democracy...

Read the full story from the Evening Standard regarding the Princess Diana cover-up

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