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Consultation on Decriminalising TV Licence Evasion

Please click the link below to read the Gov UK consultation

Consultation description

The Government believes that it is right to look again at decriminalising TV licence evasion in order to ensure a proportionate and fair approach to licence fee penalties and payments is in place, which protects the most vulnerable in our society.

The consultation will seek responses on whether to decriminalise evasion and give consideration to how this could happen. The determining factors that the Government will consider include:

  • Would an alternative, non-criminal enforcement scheme be fairer and more proportionate?

  • What the cost is and how difficult it would be to implement any alternative scheme?

  • What is the potential impact on licence fee payers, particularly the most vulnerable and those with protected characteristics?

  • And what is the overall impact on licence fee collection?

Attached below is a PDF of the Consultation of Decriminalising TV Licence Evasion

Download • 180KB

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