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Police officer framed by being placed on child sexual abuse list

Ireland states that it just copies the UK when it comes to the doing of foul deeds etc...

Replacing the master instead of reforming the Country...

The Garda Whistleblower Scandal

Credit to an article posted in Wikipedia - click here to view the full article

In 2014, material was revealed by two whistleblowers of the Garda Síochána, Maurice McCabe and John Wilson, to the Confidential Recipient. The disclosures and the handling of the disclosures led to the resignation of Ireland's Minister for Justice and Equality, Alan Shatter. It led to the resignation of the Garda Commissioner, Martin Callinan, and the retirement of his successor Nóirín O'Sullivan.

McCabe was found to be subject to a smear campaign orchestrated by senior Garda officials, namely Dave Taylor, the Garda Press Officer, and former Commissioner Martin Callinan.[1][2][3] The scandal had huge ramifications for both the Garda Siochana and the Irish government. It led to the resignation of Martin Callinan in March 2014,[4] and Shatter from the Cabinet in May 2014.

A new 'Policing Authority' was established to ensure that scandal within Garda Siochana remained at a minimum and that the Government could have more involvement with the daily operations of the organisation. The Irish government also pledged to launch a "new era of policing".[5] Enda Kenny, who was Taoiseach for the majority of the scandal, apologised in Dáil Éireann for the damage caused to Maurice McCabe by Garda officials.[6][7][8] The Disclosures Tribunal continued the investigation into the campaign against McCabe and O'Sullivan subsequently resigned after the tribunal's findings were published.[9] Frances Fitzgerald, a later Tánaiste,[10] resigned over apparent mishandling of emails that discussed details of the scandal. She was later proven to have acted appropriately as Minister for Justice and Equality by the Charleton Tribunal.[11]

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