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TV License Scandal...

From: Bingham Press Ltd <> Date: 23 May 2020 at 23:00:17 BST To: "" <> Subject: Fwd:  Re TV Licence fee...  Bonjour Harriet, I am trying to reach Nicki Morgan, a Lady, with important information but  it keeps bouncing back... Could you help please as it is an important story...? The great leviathan, the BBC has even eunicised ( new word) Ian His - slop,  of Private Eye, so to whom does one turn to with information that is adverse to the BBC From: Bingham Press Ltd <> Date: 23 May 2020 at 20:57:49 BST To: "" <> Subject: Re TV Licence fee...

Dear Nicky, Rudd V Secretary of State was produced in Portsmouth Magistrates Court and in Portsmouth Crown Court...The Post Office Solicitor had to disclose this case which was available since 1975: Think of the implications; and when one connects it with PACE, then it becomes impossible for the TV Licence Fee inspectors to gain lawful entry into anybody residence for the purposes of establishing if one's TV was on or off etc... The British Broadcasting Corporation should be part of the Government if it wants to retain statutory powers of entry; like the Police under PACE etc... They should be Her Majesty’s BBC, like HMRC, et the Prisons etc... As it stands they should be a subscription company like SKY etc... During WW2, Churchill and his Government realised that the BBC was too powerful in order to be out of the control of the Government: thus they cannot have a foot in both camps... People would respect them if they supported the Queen and the Royal Family, subject to government ownership...The company’s roots are subject to public ownership per se because of the statutory Licence Fee...Our legal team in TV licensing v Marilyn Tomlin, Portsmouth, scrutinised the wording on the TV licence per se et no wonder the company does not send out the original Licence anymore.... A properly instructed Lawyer would sievise ( a new word like Shakespeare ) the company’s right to enforce the fee... 1) Government take over the BBC et retain the TAX on information etc... 2) BBC becomes like SKY TV and one is simply disconnected If one's subscription becomes overdue... They came after me and set me up via Corrupt Judge Selwood et others when we started the expose against them... I will send you the information re the TV case at the time if I receive a reply from your good self... They will go after Boris Johnson, and you, if you dare rectify the anachronism;  so they are more powerful than the Government et the Royal Family: thus this dire predicament cannot continue. Very a Best Victor Bingham et others ..

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